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Strategic consultancy for businesses of any size

Virtual FD

Giving small and medium sized businesses access to expert advice without the expense.

Business growth

Taking established businesses to the next level.

Exit strategies

Helping to prepare a business for sale: realising its full potential and facilitating the sale using known investors.


Sourcing and acquisition of businesses that will expedite growth and increase your company's value.


Providing advice and guidance for each stage of creating a successful and profitable franchise model.


Expertise and direction in the early stages of business ownership and avoiding potential pitfalls.

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Our Approach

A unique six-point approach to fast-track your business growth

01. Culture
Many problems within a business can be traced back to its culture. Fostering an environment where people are encouraged, feel valued and that they have something worth giving will allow them to share and express different ideas and concepts that will feed into growing a business and keeping it on trend.

As a business owner, this can be a difficult task because employees can be naturally suspicious or cautious. They may not want to share or contribute new ideas for fear of standing out or losing their job.

Having a third party can cut through this fear and get to the heart of the matter. Being able to gauge the temperature of the business, we will find hidden gems within your company and help you to nurture these vital assets: your employees.
02. Strategy
Strategic planning is an area in where a lot of organisations struggle.

We will help you identify, define and clarify what your company is trying to achieve. Then we will look at how to communicate this goal to your team and what part they will play going forward. Once that is achieved we will then help you to ensure every team member is engaged by having clear objectives and being held accountable for their contribution to the company.

Business Optics will work with you so you can continually PRIORITIZE key tasks, carry out those ACTIVITIES that deliver on the priorities and measure the RESULTS of those activities.
03. People
People are your most valued assets. It is imperative that the company only has people who are aligned to and adopting the culture of the company.

Business Optics can be that fresh pair of eyes, helping you to implement the correct culture and strategy, all the while ensuring you have the right team around you to give you every chance of success.
04. Systems
Good systems remove waste and inefficiency from your business. Having robust systems will contribute to stronger growth, better profit margins, satisfied customers, improved cash flow, employee retention and make the business more saleable, to name just a few.

Business Optics will work alongside you to create effective systems and assist you to put them in place. We will provide the ability to test and measure how each system is working, which will allow you to tweak each system to ensure everything is running at optimum efficiency.
05. Resources
Resourcing the activities and actions to achieve your goals is imperative. It is demoralizing when people are given a task to do but no resources or proper tools to help them complete it.

Creating the balance between providing resources whilst protecting profit margins and cash flow can be a challenge. At Business Optics we can help you achieve this balance by creating KPI’s within each of the activities or actions being taken, providing you with the information you need to make key decisions.
06. Execution
Execution is the implementation of all five approaches and is where information overload can occur, when all the inner workings start to move and data from all the measuring floods in.

Business Optics can take all the gathered information and give it back to you as a quick-reference dashboard, meaning that you have your key figures in an easy-to-understand, usable format.
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Cash Flow Simulator

The Cash Flow Simulator enables you to forecast your profit and cash flow for the next 12 months based upon simulating any changes you may make to your company.  This allows you to test what will make the biggest impact to your business before actually taking action and enables you to plan strategically for your company’s development and growth.

Cliff Spolander

As an ex-military Officer, Cliff gained valuable leadership and management skills.  He has been trained to adapt and to seek effective solutions in an ever-changing environment.  This has formed the backbone of his success in running his own companies for the past 19 years.  Throughout this time, he has started, bought, sold, franchised, licensed and systemized several businesses in a variety of sectors.

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